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Why Laser Based Firearms Training?

Laser based firearms training has many advantages such as safety, affordability, instructional advantages and faster skills improvement.

Laser based training is a powerful and rewarding learning experience where the shooter can easily recognize and correct any errors ingrained in muscle memory. It helps the shooter obtain a stable grip, control trigger squeeze, reduce the shooter's response time and aid the shooter in obtaining perfect sight alignment and sight picture.

A recent government study concluded that "firearm simulation is a viable approach to certain introductory phases of marksmanship training..."

About Us

Texas Laser Range, a division of Perry & Associates Consulting LLC, was founded to promote our vision of providing our Texas customers with the ability to train with your personal firearms in a safe, controlled environment, utilizing a cost saving, Laser Based firearms training and practice system. Our goal is to help you, our customers, train more, train better and train more effectively by utilizing our equipment. The current high cost, and lack of availability of ammunition, is keeping many Texas shooters from ”live fire” firearms training and is negatively impacting the self-defense performance levels.

Our system provides a cost effective alternative to “live fire” training and is more effective than “dry fire” training by providing a more intensive training environment as well as providing visual and audio feedback and diagnostic evaluation of your training sessions. You can save your training session feedback and track your improvement over time. Our equipment can challenge you by utilizing built-in timers, alternative training drills, random “reload” commands and by utilizing multiple target zones. All of this can be done in the privacy of your home, garage, office or other locations of your choosing, because our system is portable.

Texas Laser Range Laser Based firearms training equipment can be used by men, women, children, older and younger individuals and those with physical challenges, because it is completely safe and nonthreatening. It can be used by those who have never held a gun or by firearms instructors who teach and train others, and it can be used by youth groups and senior groups without concern of liability in a controlled, safe environment. It can be used by professional LEO’s and Military personnel who want to practice and train to increase the proficiency of their shooting skills while using their Every Day Carry (EDC) personal firearms.